What is a Backlinks

By | April 18, 2019

When a blogger gives the URL of your blog or blog post in your blog post, then it is called backlinks and whenever a user clicks on your URL or a search engine follows the URL then URL Link Juice passes. Now many people do not understand the meaning of this word, so let me clear here. Link Juice is a blogging slang which you can call Vote in a way

What is a Do Follow Link

First of all let me tell you that the DoFollow link is also called Follow Link. DoFollow Links are links that point to another site and the link juice passes that web page rank is better (in the search engine). Whenever you link (hyperlink) any outside content, then by default, that link is the link DoFollow

What is a No Follow Link

NoFollow link is also basically linked but they do not pass any other link to the search engines. Just like the DoFollow link, if any users click on the NoFollow link, then they reach that webpage, the only difference is that this link does not enhance the ranking of that web page in the search engine.

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